Encyclopedia in Braille

First time in the history of Pakistan, we are launching Encyclopedia in Braille. Where not only all around the Pakistan but the Whole world Blind persons can get the benefit to read the Encyclopedia.

Braille Magzine

We are proudly launching soon Audio Times Magazine in Braille to our Blind reader all around the Pakistan. This is a huge project that we are working on it to achieve our goal for the Blind persons.

QWERTY Type Android Mobile

We are Launching an Android Mobile that have QWERTY Keyboard and that support JAWS Software for Blind person. This is first time to have both functionality at one place ever for Blind persons.

Braille Bukhari Sharif

This is an honor to take a step to introduce Bukhari Sharif in Braille first time in West Asia. This is a courage to all Blind persons to give them a deep look inside the Islam to read this Book to light up their heart.

میں دستیاب Rs. 4500 تحریر و تقسیم بریل قرآن پاک 6 جلد ہدیہ

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